Beef Brisket

For 10 guests
Difficulty: Advanced
Duration: It depends

3kg Full Packer Brisket

90 g Beef Classic Rub

Mop Sauce:

200ml of beer

200 ml apple cider vinegar

5 grams of coarse salt

5 g black pepper

4 grams of chili

5 g birch sugar

1m Butcher's Paper

  • Season the beef brisket with the rub - wrap in cling film and put in the fridge for 6 hours to rest/take effect.
  • Preheat the smoker , gas or kettle grill to a cooking temperature of around 110 degrees. Plus or minus 10 degrees is fine, anything over 130 degrees will result in dry, tough meat. The beef brisket belongs in the indirect zone of the grill , below you should place a fireproof drip tray for the dripping fat.
  • The beef brisket cooking time varies between 10 and 18 hours depending on the cut of meat. The meat must have reached a core temperature of 88 to 95 degrees before it is done. A grill thermometer is therefore indispensable for beef brisket!
  • Equally indispensable is the smoke in which the meat stews for several hours. With smoker chips or smoker chunks hickory preferred.