SALZZART - the fleur de sel from Austria


SALZZART - the fleur de sel from Austria

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Crispy melting, hand-scooped salt flakes, made from pure natural brine. pyramidal salt flakes handmade crispy melting particularly mild ideal for refining your dishes free from dirt and microplastics protected and preserved by the mountain gently promoted and carefully processed in Austria BAD ISCHLER Salzzart is unique in texture and taste. The crispy, melting pyramid salt flakes are made in a factory on Dürrnberg near Hallein. Pure mountain spring water dissolves the salt from the mountain, based on many years of experience and a lot of love for the product, the pan master produces this gourmet salt, which he then skims off and fills by hand. The fine pyramidal crystals melt gently on the palate and unfold a sensory pleasure experience. The texture of the BAD ISCHLER Salzzart salt flakes is unparalleled anywhere in the world and even surpasses Fleur de Sel. This premium salt refines savory and sweet. The high-quality salt is made from pure alpine salt or mountain salt. It is not iodized, contains no other additives and is free of microplastics.