Whole duck with the Goiserer Gansl spice

For 4 guests

Preparation time: 120 minutes

Total time: 150 mins

Difficulty: medium


1 duck (preferably directly from the farmer)

200ml of water

1 bunch of soup greens

100 ml Zweigelt

50 g Goiserer goose – yes, it also goes perfectly with duck

2 pieces of onions

2 pieces of apples

2 pieces of oranges

2 pieces of fresh figs

For the roast duck, preheat the oven to 200° C hot air. Rub the Goiserer Gansl seasoning well inside and out for the washed, dabbed dry, ready-to-cook duck.

Then peel the onions and oranges, peel and core the apples and cut into wedges or cubes.

Then fill the duck with 3/4 each of the onions, apples and oranges and tie with kitchen twine. Place the duck breast side up in the roasting pan and arrange the remaining pieces of fruit and cleaned soup greens all around.

Pour the boiling water and red wine around the duck and place in the oven for about 2-3 hours (depending on the size of the duck). After every 20 minutes, pour the roasting stock over and over again. If the duck is very fatty, skim off the drippings or the sauce will not brown. 10-15 minutes before the end of the roasting time, increase the temperature to 250°C so that the duck gets a nice brown and crispy skin.

Remove the roasted duck from the roaster and keep warm.