Social, sustainable & fair

We are not a company, but a family that is constantly growing



We see ourselves as a social spice manufacturer. A credo that we actively encounter every day. For example, Marcel's daughter Elaine is herself blind, aware of her strengths and
"Superpowers" but quite consciously. She tastes and smells scents and aromas
much more intense. This immense potential would probably exist on the open labor market
remained unused. Thanks to COOK & GRILL, Elaine can now pursue her great passion - growing and blending herbs - on a daily basis and such
lead a self-determined, meaningful life.
For this reason, we also support the association LIGHT INTO THE DUNKEL with various fundraising campaigns.

From own cultivation

In Bad Goisern we manage a 500 square meter kitchen garden, in which almost all of our raw materials grow in natural cultivation.

That means no sprays, weed killers or insecticides !

Of course, we have to buy sea salt and more unusual spices – but then only in the highest quality from well-known producers.



Only the best, of course

Free of

Pesticides & junk


We say NO to packaging waste

We think there is more to come

We want to give everyone a chance to make their dreams come true. That's why we founded our association, which provides financial support for social and regional projects. For every COOK & GRILL glass sold, we donate 10 cents to the association so that we can support initiatives with a regional and social impact. It can be about creating social jobs or other projects worth supporting.

Made with love

How is a spice mixture actually made?

When developing new products, we rely on Marcel's many years of know-how coupled with inspiration from everyday life and feedback from our customers. It is very important to us to keep the proportion of salt and sugar as minimal as possible.

Some of the new spice blends bear Elaine's signature. The same goes for the BBQ Classic : allergen-free and mild in taste, the rub is particularly popular with our little eaters.


Try us out...

You can easily order our entire range of herbs and spices to your home via our online shop. As far as possible, all the ingredients come from our own garden: handpicked with care, gently dried and processed with a lot of love and patience. You will look in vain for flow aids, flavor enhancers or aromas with us , but we guarantee you a lot of natural taste.

Your favorite spice is already used every day, but are you still looking for inspiration for something new? Then just click through Marcel's recipe ideas or trust Elaine's tips!