Whole leg of venison by Marcel


1 venison leg (leg) with bone - without end bone
50g Wild Classic from cookandgrill
70 ml rapeseed oil

Mop Sauce:
130 ml elderberry vinegar
130 g forest honey
130 ml elderberry juice
100 grams of butter


First remove tendons and skins.
Mix the Wild Classic Rub from cookandgrill with the rapeseed oil and rub it into the leg of venison.
Then grill indirectly in the roasting basket in the preheated grill at 160°C up to a core temperature of 54°C.
Repeatedly brush with the previously heated mop sauce, making sure that the rub sticks to the leg.
Give the leg of venison to the intensive care unit - let it rest in a warm place for about 15 - 20 minutes, the core temperature should now be 58°C.
As a side I recommend a creamy polenta with sautéed mushrooms.